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I find school snacks are so carb heavy. Basically snacks on repeat. We use the stainless steel small boxes from our local Daiso and stash them in an insulated lunch bag. We like to keep the boxes separate, as opposed to the Planet Box where all the food options are available immediately, because the teachers make sure she eats her veggies before she gets to eat fruit.

Otherwise, she would only eat fruit and leave everything else! I try very hard not to include carby items because preschool feeds her those for snacks. Sunbutter is topallergen free, just for worried folks. I have a peanut-allergic toddler and so appreciate the consideration of others. If your kids like sunflower seeds, they might go for sun butter. Nothing like microwaving leftover fish as a second-grader for making lots of friends! I have one picky eater and one that will pretty much eat anything. Thankfully they are fine with minimal variety! I also pack a small tin of homemade trail mix that my kids eat as an after school snack.

Sometimes we run out of food due to poor planning, and on those days I quickly cook up some pasta in the morning and throw it in a thermos to stay warm. Sunflower butter is super yummy and nut-free. Have you seen this series on F52? My kids are very into quesadillas right now. I fill them with any combination of beans, cheese and a smashed up leftover veggie like steamed broccoli, roasted squash, sweet potatoes, etc then press them into a folded tortilla in my cast iron skillet. On the subject of Planetboxes, I wonder: if toddlers can get into them; and if the contents leak from one section to another or out of the box altogether?

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I know yogurt or very runny things need to be in a smaller, sealable container, but what about juicy berries, salad dressing, general veggie run-off? As far as lunches go: yogurt in a thermos every day, sun-butter for nut-free classrooms, and one of my sons prefers grilled sandwiches or quesadillas he eats them cold because he likes the way the ingredients are glued together and nothing gets soggy.

Mini muffins we like zucchini-carrot-spice are always a good treat! They have a genius latch that makes it really easy for the kids to open. My daughter often comes home with lots left in her lunch box kindy was a challenge- there is just so much to watch during lunch time! My Japanese mom used to pack us three musubis riceballs each with different fillings—pickled vegetables, salmon, cucumber, etc. Musubis are easy to make either by hand or in a mold. Mom had a mold that made three at a time. I miss her lunches. She always salted the rice perfectly. Oh- one thing that helped me this year.

Realizing that many kids enjoy and even find comfort in the same or close to the same thing each day.

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I saw all these fantastic parent blogs with new fancy lunches each day and was going that way- but then time meant dropping that. And it took a lot of pressure off me. Things shifted a little with seasons- but usually I would change just one thing and keep the other 4 things the same and then the next day pick one thing to shift. Finding a sandwich they love that is nut free is awesome- i would sneak in sprinkles of chia seed or other things to up the protein and such.

I started following some pediatric nutritionalists on IG and got great ideas for food and balance. Both of my kids seem happy to have the same thing over and over, for long stretches. But, largely, happy with the same thing, and it really does make it so much easier on us as parents. I used to drive myself nuts trying to think up variety! He is, of course, more self-sufficient than a toddler…but often forgets to eat in the midst of a jam-packed day of sales calls and meetings or relies on fast food burgers.

He recently started a new fitness training regimen and asked for my help in supporting healthier eating habits so he meet his protein requirements and not be such a grump in the evenings due to low blood sugar. He is not picky will try anything once but is different from me in that he could eat the same thing every day and be happy. Side note: it has been interesting to balance the aspiration of household egalitarianism with the reality that I am more likely to plan and prepare meals from scratch over the last five years, and thoroughly enjoy doing so as an act of care for both of us!

In any case, we are really loving a Mediterranean-tapas- charcuterie vibe lately probably akin to your picnic dinner vibe : lots of crackers with cheese and spreads like hummus and artichoke tapenade. Olives that you can buy in bulk. Cut up cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Small hunks of salmon prepared the night before with lemon juice. Hardboiled eggs. Goat cheese with blueberries. And eaten all together, they feel sort of fancy and indulgent even while nutritious.

Is it terrible that I was really excited there might be a little coupon attached to the end of this post, haha? Might have to just take the plunge. As always thanks for sharing! I always look forward to your posts. As a preschool teacher, I see it all at snack time. Lots of Costco purchases — prepackaged cookies and fruit, Pirate Bootie, pretzels, etc. But I am amazed at how much fruit and veg I see, cut up by parents and put in a container, sometimes with a dip.

I am impressed. Some parents also put in cheese with the fruit perfect pairing IMHO , or bags of home-popped popcorn. Kids also LOVE parent-baked cookies and mini-muffins. My little request — cut big grapes in half. I worry about choking. My kiddo likes the same thing every day, apple cut up , carrot or red pepper slices, cheese, hummus, and crackers.

This works for our vegetarian kid going to a nut free school. I aim for for food-groups, easy to eat, and appealing. My 3yo twins had their first summer camp for a week this summer and I sent: Half turkey sandwich Blueberries and raisins Pretzel goldfish Half stick of string cheese Two Starburst.

Our Planetbox paid for itself recently — we accidentally left it in our second car that rarely gets driven at the start of kindergarten holidays and only found it two weeks later. The scene inside was horrific! If it was a plastic lunchbox it would have gone in the bin, but being stainless steel meant a good clean and a run through the dishwasher and it was back to brand new. We subdivide the sections using silicone cupcake moulds if need be.

I now take the Lunchbots container out with me with snacks for my baby! I also like using The Original Squeeze reusable pouches for things like yoghurt. I love having one container and not 3 or 4 which was our old routine. However, my great homemade lunches have often fallen by the wayside when here in NYC school lunch became free-my daughter was then forgoing her packed lunch for free pizza, tacos, etc at school to the point where I had to call them and tell them to STOP letting her do this! So good.

I find summer lunches so much easier than school year lunches hello all the fresh produce! I also make mezze platters if we happen to have hummus and tzatziki around. I find that I am way more creative with the planet box container, I guess I like seeing it all displayed when you open the lid vs having to open multiple containers.

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Hopefully my kid does too! About to buy 2 for my son who starts UPK in the fall. I credit those things for making them such good eaters-all of those flavors are the opposite of typical baby and toddler foods. I often serve them with hummus of tzatziki to dip in, and I use ground turkey or ground chicken, whatever I have on hand. They are like a flattened out meatball and cook in 10 minutes. Other standbys are any kind of salad we have in the fridge-chickpea, , black bean with mango, quinoa with corn and feta in the summer A Deborah Madison recipe , etc.

I will ask him…. A few rules of thumb: -Get small reuseable containers for your small people with small tummies who eat small portions. This helps reduce waste and keep food from rattling around and getting broken or bruised in transit. Obviously 2 and 3 year-old are just going to need help. My oldest son invented these cheddar and spicy mustard sandwiches in kindergarten that he LOVED and ate almost every day for lunch for, like, two years. My daughter adores peanut butter cinnamon sugar sandwiches. I have a rough formula for lunch packing that I can work a lot of variation into.

Basically I aim for sending water, a carb, proteins, a fruit, and a veggie. Carbs can be: assorted breads slices of loaf bread in sandwiches, tortillas in roll ups, flat bread for dipping, etc. Ideas: -Burritos, quesadillas, tortilla roll ups I made some with hummus, arugula, and leftover taco chicken that my kids adored last year. So I just make sure there are lots of everything, including sometimes just some plain cooked pasta dusted with nutritional yeast and edamame. Sometimes she eats it all, sometimes she just picks at it.

My paediatric nurse practitioner mentioned something that set me so much more at ease about what she eats and its that studies show that young children will naturally vary their diet over the course of a week instead of a day like adults tend to do so if she eats nothing but strawberries for a day, its no big deal because another day will be nothing but chickpeas.

I try to offer the things she should eat and respect her selections. To echo the sentiments of earlier comments that they often eat their leftovers on the stroller ride home from school so it all gets eaten, one way or another! Slowly assembling it while packing up the kitchen for the night is way more relaxing than throwing it together in the morning! I wanted to chime in to say that, as a nursery school teacher, I really dislike the design of the Planet Box lunchboxes.

Granted, they might work better for older children. I generally recommend parents pack a few smaller glass or stainless or fabric containers, which have the added bonus of allowing children who are more easily overwhelmed by many food choices to focus on one thing at a time. I really despise these kinds of lunchboxes! They seem to always be filled with varieties of snack food rather than REAL food! I much prefer one or two medium containers packed with leftovers and perhaps a fruit. We try to include a solid protein fish, tofu, pork roast etc , some grains and veggies. All from the night before and packed during clean up.

It has been highly successful for our family and our kids eat like champs the same food as adults. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

All photos taken by Erin Boyle, unless otherwise noted. If you'd like to share, please send a note asking permission. Site by Orange Static. July 26, Older Post. Newer Post. June 2, May 13, March 22, Reply julie July 26, at am Cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches on hearty bread are a go-to since packing lunches for my 3-yr-old. Reply S July 26, at am Hi Erin, such lovely lunchboxes! Reply S July 26, at am Thanks so much! S July 26, at pm Thank you!

Reply Melissa L. Reply Sara July 27, at am I wanted to add that I made a big purchase of two planet boxes when my son started kindergarten and my daughter was in preschool. Reply Jessica July 26, at am This resonates with me so much! Reply zoe July 26, at pm I find it easiest if the person who makes dinner, or cleans up dinner, packs the lunch.

Reply Debora W.

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