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Tips on getting the best bargains this Boxing Day

After-Christmas sales are often excellent. Retailers know that their merchandise will be worth less as soon as Christmas passes. Foot traffic will fall off a cliff at virtually all stores, and items will be difficult to sell. After-Christmas sales are one of the last opportunities for merchants to sell in anticipation of this slowdown.

Retailers will also dump unwanted clothes in landfills or scrap the goods in industrial shredders. This is a lose-lose proposition — for the seller, who has missed an opportunity for a sale, and the shopper, who will be hard pressed to find the item again. So how big is Dec. What does that mean for ? The day after Christmas should be a huge shopping day. Last year, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, Dec.

These Are The Best After Christmas Sales To Shop Right Now

This year, look for after-Christmas sales to start as early as Dec. Retailers will want to drive big sales the weekend before the holiday. As a general rule, retailers will be slashing prices on seasonal items, not year-round goods. Everyone knows holiday decorations are cheapest right after Christmas, right?

Seasonal items include a lot more than just Christmas ornaments, though. Did you realize that anything in holiday packaging — even something like Goldfish snack crackers, which are clearly still edible after Christmas — is worth much less after Christmas? To have an idea of what to expect this year, take a look at last year. Cheaper decorations can still look great for most of your festive needs. Finally, Christmas trees can also be fairly expensive, but thanks to the special section at hotukdeals , you can cut the cost of them as well, whether you opt for natural or artificial varieties.

Shop for Christmas, Grab a Festive Bargain

Christmas eating — Christmas is as much a feast for the tastebuds, as it is a time of giving, song, and friendship, but where can you get cut-price yuletide nibbles? Actually, there are lots of places, and hotukdeals lists the best of them. Mince pies, pigs in blankets, Christmas logs, and much more can be found at merchants like Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons , Iceland , Lidl , and the Co-op , and there's even a whole section dedicated to Christmas turkey deals.

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You'll also find plenty of discounts for Christmas essentials like brandy , beer , wine , and Bailey's , as well as chocolates from national favourites like Quality Street and Cadbury's. So anyone can put on a great Christmas spread, providing they shop with hotukdeals.

By now, we should be getting closer to finding the perfect Christmas gifts for But, whether you're buying an Xbox One X, a new iPhone , some stunning jewellery, or a designer dress , you still need to know how to get the best deals around. So here are some handy Christmas shopping tips from the hotukdeals experts.

Budgeting can make or break a happy Christmas — Perhaps most importantly of all, before you even start Christmas shopping, try to establish a budget, and stick to it. Let's assume that applies to you. Now, note down the people you need to buy for, and write a 1,2,3 list of priority gifts for each one not everyone will need more than one gift, of course. Work within your budget, and be disciplined. That way, you'll see that spending more on one person will hurt another, helping to keep costs in general under control.

Know what you want before you shop — On a related note, always be clear about what you are looking for before you enter Amazon's store or you start scrolling through our listings.

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It's all-too-easy to start "window shopping" online, resulting in purchases that weren't well thought through. So write those lists, and pin them up in front of you.

Boxing Day sales 12222 | All the deals in one place

They'll become the foundation of your festive shopping. Cash is king when saving money — We've already discussed the perils of using credit to do your Christmas shopping. Well, it's worth reiterating that, and stressing the virtues of cash. The only drawback is that cash won't be much good if you're shopping online. However, with the bricks and mortar deals listed at hotukdeals, you'll find plenty of opportunities to shop in-store and avoid the need to pile up payments on your credit card.

Use credit as a last resort, or for genuinely amazing deals. Don't splurge automatically online with plastic. Carefully consider every deal before taking the plunge. Don't leave things to the last minute , but don't panic if you do — You'll often hear people tell you not to leave Christmas shopping to the last moment.

It's a classic image from pop culture — a dad it's usually a dad hunting desperately for a popular toy as the shops gradually shut, leaving him out in the cold. But things don't have to be that way. By the start of December, UK retailers have Christmas sites up and running. You can get in there, place orders, and even check them and return them if necessary — as long as you order early. But, if you don't get organised, don't panic.

Many retailers offer same day deliveries even on Christmas Eve, as well as Click and Collect. You may pay slightly more, but you can usually get the gifts you need, even if you have messed up the timing a bit. While stores might have glitzy Christmas pages filled with deals, it's impossible to tell whether those deals are actually as generous as they seem, until you make the comparison. So log onto hotukdeals, load up the retailers and products you are interested in, and note down relevant prices. You'll be amazed by how much variation you find, and how what look like great deals on company sites, suddenly don't seem so stellar when placed alongside the competition.

Scout around for extra bonus deals — If you're really keen to save money this Christmas and who isn't? For instance, some bank accounts will give you a free cash bonus when you switch. Many retailers also offer special credit deals at Christmas. While these are superficially attractive buy now, pay later , they are rarely good value, so try to give them a miss unless you are absolutely strapped for cash.

Make it a cashback Christmas — Many credit cards offer cashback as part of the deal. So, when you spend with them, you automatically accumulate points, which can then be redeemed at partner shops and online retailers. Not everyone with these cards takes full advantage, or even know they exist, so double check and be sure to use your points at Christmas. The same applies to loyalty cards.

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An amazing amount of loyalty card credit goes unredeemed, and retailers often schedule special discounts for regular customers. The same applies for the UK's number one loyalty card scheme Nectar that allows you to make savings at big brands like Asos , Just Eat or Sainsbury's. So use your cards to unlock their potential.

5 Tips for Shopping the After-Christmas Sales - Tri-County Shopping Mall in Cincinnati

And, have a look at cashback sites like Quidco as well. They help you save the maximum amount of money and can be another surprising source of festive savings. Slip some discount codes in your stocking — Another thing we're really keen on at hotukdeals is encouraging shoppers to take advantage of promotional codes. Almost all major retailers use these codes on their online stores, and they can help you realise massive savings.

But shoppers often seem unaware of their existence, handing over far too much cash at stores and online. Some of them may last for a day or two at Christmas, so be sure to check our listings regularly over the shopping season. Put yourself in Amazon Prime position — There's no doubt that Amazon Prime is an amazing service for retail fans, with access to a vast array of products and services, and ridiculously fast deliveries.

Amazon regularly offer free taster memberships lasting a month. You can start one before Christmas, then shut it down soon after. But be sure to do so, as the free membership instantly becomes an annual monthly payment after the month runs out. Gift cards suit everyone — During festive season, you might well end up giving a gift card or two. After all, these cards let the recipient make their own choices, so they are handy for people you don't know that well.

But gift cards can have issues of their own.

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For example, some cards have short expiry dates, so always check the length of term before buying. People can be slow to use them, and no-one wants to find that, 6 months down the line, their Christmas gift is worthless. Delivery dates are as important as Christmas Day — When shopping online for Christmas gifts, one of the great skills is ensuring that all of your orders arrive in time for Christmas Day. We've listed a few of the last delivery dates for major retailers already, but every company is different, so take care when ordering. Sometimes orders will have to be sourced from overseas, extending delivery times, and this can catch people out Amazon is particularly notorious for this.

In general, bear in mind that the closer you get to Christmas, the more likely it is that delivery times will slip. So order early in the season to avoid last minute stress. Check hotukdeals — During the Christmas shopping season, it also helps to be part of a wider community of bargain hunters who are facing exactly the same challenges, and that's where hotukdeals comes in. You'll be among retail experts who know the market inside-out.

Our members are always happy to offer advice via the comments section, so feel free to ask away. Stay in the know by checking out hotukdeals' extensive range of great discounts this Christmas. By using our gift finder, you can tailor searches to find discounts that meet needs, and stay one step ahead of the festive gift-buying crowd. So don't pay more than you need to. With hotukdeals, yuletide bargains are always just a couple of clicks away. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features.

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Post christmas shopping deals

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