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Double Coupons: What Stores Double Coupons in Your State?

First, you choose your items online so there's no impulse purchases. Finally, there are often 'ClickList Bonus Offers'. Fry's will give you free or reduced-prices on items just for using ClickList. There may be a corner of a cooler at your local Fry's that has marked down perishables. You can find cheeses, hummus, dips and other items that are getting close to their expiration dates. The savings can be significant because the store is trying to sell the food quickly. Several Fry's Food stores have sushi chefs in house. It sure beats the price you would pay at a restaurant.

There are two ways. First, if you're someone who buys a bunch of ingredients and doesn't get around to cooking the food before the produce goes bad because it's time consuming, this could save you money and buyer's remorse. Also, if you just can't cook and usually dine out, this may be a cheaper option. This means if you buy 4 or 5 of the products with the stickers, you save a dollar on each. You can also mix and match unrelated products.

Start with the Sale Ads

This may be our all time favorite way to save in the history of saving. Almost everybody can save money by taking advantage of the fuel points program.

Savings Still Exist

These new lower prices on thousands of items throughout the store make the shopping experience easier and a great value for everyone. Meanwhile, an email to customers promised lowered prices on everything from fresh produce to quality brands. The result, according to Kroger? Of course, there are other ways to save as well, including focusing on sales items, taking advantage of price matching, getting rain checks if a store runs out of an advertised special, meal planning, keeping an eye on unit prices, buying sale items in bulk, buying generic, using vigilance while couponing i.

The Ultimate Guide to Couponing at Kroger

Smartphone apps , meanwhile, represent a brave new world of supermarket savings. The popular Ibotta app offers cash back for completing small tasks, such as taking a poll or watching a video, to become eligible for a rebate.

Kroger Coupon Acceptance

Learning to use multiple apps at once can lead to exponential savings. Of course, depending on where you live, plenty of grocery stores still offer senior discounts. With many retirees looking to live well on less, shopping smarter can be an invaluable tool for cutting costs without cutting your quality of life.

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I guess Kroger is ran by a bunch of Socialist. Reply As I look around in the great state of Tennessee I am seeing a lot of seniors who can barely afford groceries to begin with. That does not even take into consideration how many seniors are raising their grandchildren on a shoe string budget with no assistance.

I have shopped at Kroger my whole life but I find the decision to eliminate seniors discounts appalling. I am not yet eligible for seniors discounts, but I do spend Going forward that will change. I will not participate in corporate greed at the expense of basic needs of our great seniors.

Reply Just give me a damn discount for being my own checkout clerk! Reply Most executive decisions are made by folks at the top that deal with board of directors, and how to squeeze every penny they can out of the consumer.

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Yes like you all I like shopping at Kroger.. Sure we can go somewhere else, but that often means using more gas to get to somewhere else.

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  4. Reply Believe me, we will be taking our business elsewhere. Between losing the senior discount and the implementation of a fee for cash back, we are gone. Reply Our local Kroger has Senior Tuesday every week……. Our society will not be able to afford us.

    I really think discounts should go to the people who have the courage and desire to have children and raise them well. That obviously does not include everyone. We are robbing them blind with huge deficits which will come due to them after most of us have departed. I guess I should mention I am 74 and on a fixed income. They must be afraid of the old ladies roaming the isles. Either way, when I see one, I leave my buggy and exit the store. Kroger refuses to stop this.

    Fry's grocery stores changing its coupon policies

    Reply I m the widow of an Army vet who served w 20 years in the U. Army including 2 tours of duty in Vietnam. I do not yet qualify for discount at age Kroger by far has the best organic selection of the three places we shop plus with the smart phone we get great coupons that help us save. Many people see couponing as a waste of time. But, did you know you can actually save thousands of dollars per year on your grocery bill? Some grocers and retailers offer double coupons and even triple coupons for customers.

    Some double and triple coupons are limited, depending on the store. There are no stores in New Mexico that offer double coupons at this time.

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