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This is one of the big changes we will do in our next steps. We have done some pilots to prove that it works.

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We have proven that we destroy value if we have someone who is not a specialist sell a mortgage. If we have a mortgage specialist we can create value, and this has also been proven in the pilots.

Sales increase as customer satisfaction increases. CS: How does customer experience fit into your customer-centric, end-to-end program?

  • KBC offers certainty on home loans in just ten minutes?
  • Switch Mortgages - KBC - The Bank of You;
  • KBC cuts fixed mortgage rates for borrowers;
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  • KBC cuts fixed mortgage rates for borrowers.
  • Mortgage market heats up as KBC slashes its fixed rates by up to 0.55%.

RP: One thing that we started with the client-focus journey is to make "customer journeys. For example, "I go to the Internet, I ask for this advice from people, I go to three banks," etc. These kinds of steps allow us to learn the process of a customer and how he comes to his decision. If we find out a very efficient process based on the experience of customers, we try to organize our process around that process, instead of vice versa.

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At first, mostly we organized our processes based on the most profitable and efficient way to handle our products. Now we are doing the opposite. We let the customer define the journey. For example, on the website we do click analysis and if we see a lot of customers stop after three clicks, we say, "OK, maybe there's something wrong and we have to reroute the clicks or add other links," then perform another analysis. Each time, we try to learn from how the customer is interacting with us to change our processes. CS: What benefits have you seen so far from your customer focus?

RP: One of the most interesting results is that in the middle of the financial crisis—and we were one of the banks hard hit—customer satisfaction at all financial institutions went down, but with KBC it went down less than our competitors.

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  • Mortgage Options for Existing Customers!
  • KBC Bank Ireland wins at bonkers.ie Awards for the second consecutive year.

One of the reasons for that is that customers say that the banks are all bad, but the employees in the branch make the difference. In addition, our analysis shows that customers with a relationship manager buy more products and have more volume on their accounts.

KBC announces new 10-year fixed mortgage rates

They are also more satisfied and more loyal. And we also calculated the cost savings of interacting in a more efficient way with all of our customers based on their needs and behaviors. CS: Many companies are migrating customers to alternate delivery channels like online and mobile. Do you feel it's also beneficial to have a balance with the branch channel?

RP: Absolutely. This is something we learned from the customer journeys.

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Just because you're a profitable customer doesn't mean that your rel. Latest News.

KBC reduces fixed mortgage rates by up to %

To subscribe to the Customer Strategist Journal, please fill out this form. Similar Articles. You must also mandate your salary self-employed customers must establish and maintain a monthly transfer to the Current Account that is at least equal to the monthly mortgage repayment and pay your KBC Mortgage by direct debit from your KBC Current Account. In the instance you are availing of the Tracker Mover Option, the current account discount will only apply to the new business rate portion of your mortgage. Offer excludes Buy to Let Mortgages, Tracker mortgages, mortgage accounts which have been in arrears within the past 12 months or on the following mortgage arrears resolution options: Moratorium, Less than interest only arrangement, Interest Rate Reduction, Split Mortgage.

KBC reserve the right to remove the availability of this offering for new and existing business customers at any time in the future. This will not affect existing customers who have already availed of the discounted current account mortgage rate. KBC strongly recommends that, before purchasing any of the above products, you click on the link below to read the Important Information.

Click here for important information. And let's face it, who doesn't want a few extra hundred euros in their pocket each month!? And of top of the savings, all the main lenders will offer you cashback to help with the costs of switching too. Independent Service Rating based on verified reviews. We save you time by bringing you all the best deals in one place.

Every year we help tens of thousands of customers to switch and save money! Registered in Ireland, company number By using this website, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use and consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Blog Guides In the media bonkers.

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